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MODEL 4X-300
Number of Axis 4-Axis
Indications Inlay and Onlay, Crown, Coping, Crown Bridge, Coping Bridge, Hybrid Abutment
Processing Type Wet and Dry
Cuttable Materials Zirconia, Lithium Disilicate (E-max®, Etc.), Nanocomposite (Vericom Mazic® duro, Lava Ultimate® Etc), PMMA, Wax, PEEK
Machine Size Machine 540 X 580 X 630mm (21 X 22 X 24 inch)
Table 540 X 580 X 950mm (21 X 22 X 37 inch)
Machine Weight Machine 90kg (198lb)
Table 65kg (143lb)
Spindle Power AC 0.5kw
Spindle Speed 6,000~80,000 RPM
A.T.C Number of Tools 12ea
Rotation Angle A axis : 360°

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