Premium brand ARUM

  • 5X-200
  • 5X-300
  • 4X-100

    ARUM 5X-200

  • ㆍHeavy-Duty Spindle
  • ㆍ5-Axis simultaneous milling
  • ㆍ15 position automatic tool changer
  • ㆍ5 unit abutment fixture
  • ㆍPrecising guides and ball screws

    ARUM 5X-300

  • ㆍ5-Axis simultaneous milling & Accurate and stable milling
  • ㆍUser friendly U.I
  • ㆍZirconia wet and dry or dry only
  • ㆍ12 position automatic tool changer

    ARUM 4X-100

  • ㆍHeavy-Duty Spindle & 4-Axis Simultaneous milling
  • ㆍ10 unit abutment fixture
  • ㆍ8 position automatic tool changer
  • ㆍMill from Zirconia to Lithium Discilicate


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